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Krishna and His Leela Review

Krishna and His Leela

Release date: June 25th, 2020

Director: Ravikanth Perepu

Star Cast: Siddhu Jonnalagadda, Shraddha Srinath, Seerat Kapoor, Shalini Vadnikatti

Producers: Suresh Productions, Viacom 18 motion pictures and Sanjay Reddy

Music: Sri Charan Pakala

Cinepakoda Rating: 3/5

‘Krishna and His Leela’, a film starring Siddhu Jonnalagadda and Shraddha Srinath’, suddenly dropped on the streaming gain Netflix platform on Wednesday night.

Story: Krishna (Siddhu Jonnalagadda)’s first love is Satya (Shraddha Srinath) in his Engineering college in Vizag. Satya breaks up with him as he keeps pestering her and moves to Bengaluru for an IT job.

Later, he falls for Radha (Shalini Vadnikatti), who also studies in the same college. Krishna also gets hired by an IT company and is sent to Bengaluru for the training. In Bengaluru, he meets Satya again and the romance is rekindled. Krishna maintains relationships with the two girls at the same time.

Analysis: Siddhu Jonnalgadda gets an author-backed role and he makes full use of it. Be it his looks or the way he portrays a confused lover, Siddhu has played it with ease. It was not an easy role but the young actor impresses with his act. As the film was in the making for a long time, Shraddha Srinath looks a bit raw but she does well in her role. Her chemistry with Siddhu is pretty good. Viva Harsha gets a good role and does his part well.

But it is Shalini Vadnakatti who walks away with the cake. She as Radha gets a meaty role and the inexperienced actress does it so well. Be it her emotions, look, or the way she shows subtle changes in her mood, Shalini does it effectively. The conversations between the lead pairs have been written effectively and look endearing in many scenes.

The opening break-up scene itself sets the right tempo and mood for the film. We know the content, but the director manages to engage and hold the attention. The acting by both the leads is good, and the writing comes with a lot of simplicity and clarity. It is directly to the point without any circular arguments.

Performances: Siddhu Jonnalgadda justifies with his role.  He has given his fantastic performance especially in the role of a confused lover. Though it is not  an easy task, he impresses with his act. Shraddha Srinath looks a bit raw but she does her part very well. Her chemistry with Siddhu looks good. Shalini Vadnakatti’ performance also needs a lot of applause.  Viva Harsha gets a good role. Jhansi and Sampath perform well in supporting roles. Others performed accordingly.

Technical: The music and background score (whenever used) is a major asset for the movie. The ‘Pulihora’ song is hilarious and saves the proceedings from tiredness. The cinematography is inconsistent. The duo of Shaneil Deo and Sai Prakas U could have done a lot better. The editing is okay.

Entertainment quotient

Predictable Story
No novelty
Repetitive Scenes

Verdict: Krishna and his Leela is a film that you can enjoy for its pure entertainment. The performance of its cast and music nailed the show. To the contrary, set up is a bit slow. A contemporary film is fun to watch.



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