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Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Review RGV’s Naked (Nagnam)

Review: RGV’s Naked (Nagnam) – No Stuff

Much hyped “Naked”/Nanga Nagnam film by maverick director Ram Gopal Varma got released on OTT. Let’s find out whether it lived up to the expectations or failed to do so. 


The short film starts with a couple Deepak and Sweety. They fight each other quite often. After such a quarrel, Deepak leaves the house and his wife Sweety goes for a shower. When she comes out from the bathroom, her servant Jamal watches her naked. And both start to make love. Amidst the scene Deepak comes back suddenly to home and gets a huge shock after seeing this. He starts trashing his wife Sweety. What happens next? What after that is the film is all about.


The basic Principles of film making are missing in this film, which are quite ODD to watch them. Those who expect content and any other stuff will purely disappoint you as there is nothing special just watch Trailer Twice and leave away.

Many posters of RGV films make you think that there will be a lot of eye candy. But when you watch the film, there will be nothing in it. It was demonstrated with his latest cinematic climax and the same is the case with Naked as well. The so-called glamor on display looks cheap in many areas. Especially those close-ups and various angles where the camera shows that the heroine is really cheesy.

The show is a completely avoidable short film/ Film made by RGV. While comparing RGV ‘s previous film CLIMAX was better than this NNN. When comparing Profits side RGV master ideas in Businesses was proved in CLIMAX and NNN (Nanga Naked Nagnam) too.

Performances: These days, it is very hard to pick what is good in RGV films. But as we have to put something that’s good, then it will be the sound design which is decent. The main lead, Sweety provides some eye candy that will be loved by teenagers. The best part of the whole movie or short film you can say is the acting by the poor servant boy who plays the role of Jamal. He is somewhat decent with his expressions and makes some sense in the film.


Cinematography just concentrated on elevating the beauty and curves of Sweety from various angles. Background music is just average. There is nothing much to rave about editing. RGV should have included a few twists and turns to make it more interesting. Production values are ok.

Plus Points:

  • Maid performances
  • Background Score
  • Sweety’s glamour

Minus Points:

  • There is no story in the film
  • Nothing to praise


RGV’s Naked neither has a story, nor proper screenplay. The glamour show of Sweety may be liked by youth audiences, but somehow it feels cheap. The emotion in this film is completely missed. One fails to understand that, if someone really wants to watch a skin show, they have multiple better options available



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