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Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Nara Lokesh Provide Health Insurance to 62 journalists

Nara Lokesh Provide Health Insurance to 62 journalists in Mangalagiri, demands COVID-19 insurance cover for Journalists

Telugu Desam Party (TDP) Chief secretary Nara lokesh is very much worried about the journalists who are working along with the front-line workers are being entrapped in the claws of corona and are being killed in this expanding corona pandemic time. He came forward to help them and also said that the government should also extend a helping hand to the journalists. Now in this situation the situation is becoming worse. Doctors are sacrificing their lives in order to eradicate the covid-19 virus. Thousands of families on the road at this covid time. Deeply thinking about this issue, they decided to give an Insurance scheme to journalists. In mangalagiri constituency journalists are provided with Insurance.

Nara Lokesh paid an Insurance premium to all 62 print and electronic media journalists who are working in mangalagiri constituency which includes mangalagiri, tadepalligudem, duggirala. All journalists have been insured within the Mangalagiri constituency. Insurance documents will be distributed to the respective journalists.

Nara Lokesh has taken this decision to provide relief to the families of journalists in case of any incident with the insurance which has been in effect from July 15. If any of the insured journalists die of natural causes (even if killed by the Covid-19 virus), the nominee will get 10 lakhs, and if any of the journalists die in the accident, 20 lakhs will be insured for their nominees. TDP Chief secretary Nara Lokesh advised the journalists that Insurance forms will be given to the journalists as early as possible.

The Government should do Insurance to all journalists in the state. 50 lakhs should be given to the families of journalists who died of Covid-19 virus. During the Covid-19 virus outbreak, all medical, municipality, and emergency services which are fighting against the spread of covid-19 are being attacked by the corona. Journalists are performing their duties along with those who are working for the corona at the risk of their own lives. Located as front-line warriors, so he decided to do Insurance for them. Nara Lokesh also demanded the government to provide Insurance facility, PPE Kits, excretia of 50 lakhs to the deaths of families by covid-19 to all the deceased journalists in the state. He also advised the journalists to be careful. Lokesh also requested not be negligent as many families are based on their lives. Sanitazire asked them to keep it with them, to wear the mask properly, to stay as far away as possible and to avoid unnecessary trips.

Telugu Desam Party is the only party in this country to establish a party executive welfare department and also leading it successfully. TDP executor who pays 100 /- gets Insurance, welfare department conveyer Nara Lokesh also gave policies to the TDP executors who met with accidents and gave expenses for the treatment. The insurance scheme provided assistance of Rs 91 crore to about 4529 people and supported the families of the workers. 2.50 crore for the education of the children of the workers and 15 crores for the families of the workers suffering from other health problems. Today for Mangalagiri constituency journalists provided Insurance as assurance by Nara Lokesh.



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