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Visakhapatnam Fire at Ramky Pharmaceutical company parawada

Ramky Pharma City (India) Limited Visakhapatnam

Arrested L.G chairman…. Will you also arrest Ramky chairman?

  • Fire explosion in Visakha Ramky pharmacity.
  • Opposition started protests
  • Failure of government is the reason for the incident Bandari said.

A major fire explosion occurred in Visakhapatnam Parawada Ramky Pharma City (India) Limited Visakhapatnam (Vizag Andhra Pradesh. The chemical tanker in solvents company exploded. As we all know a senior chemist also died in this event. Regarding this event, opposition leaders started protesting at the solvents company.

Speaking about the situation TDP leader and ex-minister Bandaru Satyanarayana questioned the govt. That they have arrested L.G polymers chairman now will they also arrest Ramky chairman? He also opposed that the company doesn’t know how many workers are working at the time of explosion. He also said that at first, they said nobody was injured, but later when one family started strike then they allowed them to the accident place. There they found a person burnt alive.

He also fired that they didn’t inform their family members about his death. By seeing the high-tension wires near the accident region, he questioned that how did they allowed the use of that wires. He alleged that this is solely government’s irresponsibility.



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