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AP Jagananna Rice and Chickpea to ration card holders

AP Government Jagananna rice and chickpea to ration card holders

The AP government was giving ration to poor families to tide over problems since the Coronavirus epidemic has set in. Officials have made all arrangements for distributing 5 kg rice and 1 kg chickpea to all ration card holders from today. This is the 8th phase distribution. Ration card holders will be given free ration till July 28. Since March 29, over seven phases of free distribution are completed. In the 8th phase, over 1.49 crore families are expected to benefit from this.

This time also, Bio-metric identification of ration card holders will be used for rice distribution. Physical distancing norms are being implemented considering the massive crowds that gather in ration shops. Sanitizers are also being made available. Officials have said that cardholders can claim the ration from anywhere, as the portability service is being extended to them in light of increasing epidemic problems across the state.

The government does not risk sending volunteers to deliver rations to the doors of poor families. There are widespread complaints that with very low wages, volunteers are already burdened with too much work. In addition, they can contract the virus during home delivery. Opposition parties have demanded Rs. 5,000 financial assistance to poor families in view of the loss of job opportunities since the Covid infections began. Measures were also sought to avoid crowds at ration shops.



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